Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE BEATLES!

Iconic and to be remembered forever, this was Ed Sullivan's introduction to The Beatles first American appearance on National Television...

***and now for what you have all been waiting for***

I have incredible news for the music world today. It was announced that Sir Paul McCartney will finally show the world the last and final unreleased Beatles song entitled "Carnival of Light". McCartney told The BBC, "The time has come for it to get its moment," Just the name alone excites the hell out of me! It is supposed to out do "Revolution No. 9,"
Recorded in 1967, during the "Penny Lane" sessions for Magical Mystery Tour, this 13:48 minute epic was considered too Avante-Garde and ahead of its time to be released to the general public. It was at the height of the Beatles' musical experimentation with psychedelia, and includes distorted electric guitars, discordant sound effects, a church organ (rumored to have been the piano part for "fixing a Hole"), and gargling sounds, as well as McCartney and John Lennon screaming phrases like "Barcelona" and "Are you all right?" It is understood, that John and Paul, were tripping on acid while recording the song.
"Carnival of Light" was only performed once in 1967 for a crowd of London's most elite Avante-Garde. It has not been heard since. Personally, I am really excited to hear this song, not only because it is the final song from the greatest band of all time, but also because apparently they were more ahead of their time then we thought. For a band that hasn't made a record since 1969, they are still the selling millions, idolized by billions, and some how stay current by releasing music that might even be too ahead of it's time for 2008! We will see...

“The love you take is equal to the love you make.” - The Beatles



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call me when you get home

Megs86 said...

I recently heard about this being released. I too am very excited to hear what this song has to bring to the table after being hidden away for some 40 years. I can't imagine hat it will be anything short of amazing.

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