Saturday, November 22, 2008

Band(s) You Have Never Heard Of But Should Section!

Every week I will introduce up and coming bands in a section tentitivly called:Band(s) You Have Never Heard Of But Should Section!
I feel that these artists are not only worth your time, but stand out from the millions of other "hipster" bands that recycle and produce emotionless/lack-luster retro music for the elietest poser and/or sucker :)

This weeks band is... White Denim
White Denim, a power trio hailing from Daustin, Texas, really took me by surprise. The first 20 sec. of "All You Really Have To DO" (the first song on their myspace) Roused me from my shitty dorm chair, and got me a dancing and sliding across the floor. At least in my head.
Their sound is not just another retro throwback to the 60's. They actually capture the excitement of these bands a la: Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and in my opinion the funkiness of James Brown. I can feel the energy of three passionate musicians in a room, burning with creativity.
However, There is one downside. White Denim plays a bit sloppy on purpose, possibly to achieve Underground/Indie God status. I don't know! But whatever the case is, these musicians are obviously very well trained and could benefit with just a minutia of tightening up. Their musicianship can be heard by the groovin' bass player, Steve Terebecki who's not afraid to dance around the neck, and the super glue of this band, drummer Joshua Block. I have not heard a drum breakdown like that since the great Mitch Mitchell R.I.P.

-You should definitely check out this group.
P.S.: They are even better Live

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