Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE BEATLES!

Iconic and to be remembered forever, this was Ed Sullivan's introduction to The Beatles first American appearance on National Television...

***and now for what you have all been waiting for***

I have incredible news for the music world today. It was announced that Sir Paul McCartney will finally show the world the last and final unreleased Beatles song entitled "Carnival of Light". McCartney told The BBC, "The time has come for it to get its moment," Just the name alone excites the hell out of me! It is supposed to out do "Revolution No. 9,"
Recorded in 1967, during the "Penny Lane" sessions for Magical Mystery Tour, this 13:48 minute epic was considered too Avante-Garde and ahead of its time to be released to the general public. It was at the height of the Beatles' musical experimentation with psychedelia, and includes distorted electric guitars, discordant sound effects, a church organ (rumored to have been the piano part for "fixing a Hole"), and gargling sounds, as well as McCartney and John Lennon screaming phrases like "Barcelona" and "Are you all right?" It is understood, that John and Paul, were tripping on acid while recording the song.
"Carnival of Light" was only performed once in 1967 for a crowd of London's most elite Avante-Garde. It has not been heard since. Personally, I am really excited to hear this song, not only because it is the final song from the greatest band of all time, but also because apparently they were more ahead of their time then we thought. For a band that hasn't made a record since 1969, they are still the selling millions, idolized by billions, and some how stay current by releasing music that might even be too ahead of it's time for 2008! We will see...

“The love you take is equal to the love you make.” - The Beatles


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mark Hoppus: "We [Tom, Travis, and I] all hung out for a few hours. They’ve all been great, very positive conversations. we’re just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking. It’s a good thing."

- Does this mean they are possibly getting back together?... Probably, but we are going to have to wait at least until Travis Barker recovers from his burns, acquired from a plane crash on Sept. 19th.

- It has been officially confirmed via the groups website [nodoubt.com] through a very cheesy I-chat converstaion (just go to the website to see what I mean), that No Doubt is getting back together and will be heading out on a headlining tour in the next few months.

It's kind of interesting because four years ago, My friend Brandon and I attended a Blink-182/No Doubt show. After the tour ended both bands broke up. Now, four years later they are kind of reconvening. I can only hope that these seminal bands can come back with the kind of great music that initially made us love them.

**** I also must pose another question... are the 90's coming back!?>? I mean, we have a democratic President, a cabinet filled with Clinton adversaries and 90's groups coming back together. Does this mean we are going to have another economic boom of prosperity and artistic creativity? Does this mean they are going to be making a Star Kid 2?....Don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about *_*


Band(s) You Have Never Heard Of But Should Section!

Every week I will introduce up and coming bands in a section tentitivly called:Band(s) You Have Never Heard Of But Should Section!
I feel that these artists are not only worth your time, but stand out from the millions of other "hipster" bands that recycle and produce emotionless/lack-luster retro music for the elietest poser and/or sucker :)

This weeks band is... White Denim
White Denim, a power trio hailing from Daustin, Texas, really took me by surprise. The first 20 sec. of "All You Really Have To DO" (the first song on their myspace) Roused me from my shitty dorm chair, and got me a dancing and sliding across the floor. At least in my head.
Their sound is not just another retro throwback to the 60's. They actually capture the excitement of these bands a la: Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and in my opinion the funkiness of James Brown. I can feel the energy of three passionate musicians in a room, burning with creativity.
However, There is one downside. White Denim plays a bit sloppy on purpose, possibly to achieve Underground/Indie God status. I don't know! But whatever the case is, these musicians are obviously very well trained and could benefit with just a minutia of tightening up. Their musicianship can be heard by the groovin' bass player, Steve Terebecki who's not afraid to dance around the neck, and the super glue of this band, drummer Joshua Block. I have not heard a drum breakdown like that since the great Mitch Mitchell R.I.P.

-You should definitely check out this group.
P.S.: They are even better Live

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bathroom Smiles /:

Have you ever walked into a bathroom, while someone else is walking out with the biggest grin in the world on their face!? Well, It just happened to me today while I was at the library. Let me just say, it was not a pleasurable experience. However, It should be noted that grins, nods, smiles, and the slapping of hands is just plain old fucked up and should not take place in the shitting milieu or as Peter Griffin would call it..."The Crapie"


First Post!

Hello to every Girl/Guy/Pervert/College kid/Emo/Alien/ and Dracula out there on the internet,
This is the first post on my blog: Tri-Colour Cookie. The concept behind "TCC" is that (besides being one of my favorite desserts), it is a delectable treat that has many layers and colors to it. I feel as though I am a vibrant person with multifarious layers of depth and complexity. The picture above is of my favorite bakery in the East Village, Veniero's, located on 1st Ave. and 11th (NYC). This is where you can purchase these palatable cookies.
There will be more posts in the coming days of music and concert reviews, as well as anything else I can lucidly dream of!

I will leave off with a quote:
"Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you've got to let it grow. "- John Lennon